Business Counselling by Experts

Ensuring staff are as engaged and productive as possible is a critical factor for all companies .  At a time when doing more with less is the norm, employers need to create an environment where performance is high and individual contribution is effective.

Expert Counselling aims to provide a professional, insightful support enabling your employees to gain appropriate and speedy information and support to aid a quick resolution.

The Expert Counsellors are specially selected for their experience in handling workplace issues and adhere to a strict code of ethics.

have your business in safe hands


The Benefits

  1.     Increase morale

  2.     Increase productivity

  3.     Reduce absenteeism

  4.     Reduce costs

  5.     Promotes Loyalty

  6.     Supports Duty of Care

  7.     Promotes a fitter and

     flexible workforce able to 


Issues that are commonly discussed

  1. Work Relationships

  2. Stress

  3. Organisational Change

  4. Redundancy

  5. Working Parent Issues

  6. Marital, family, relationship

  7. Medical Concerns

  8. Bullying and harassment