Workplace Mediation

Building a healthy working environment where your team employees can perform and reach their full potential.  However, sometimes things can go wrong.  Conflict in the workplace can have a devastating effect on morale and productivity.  Speedy, effective and professional mediation can transform the situation. 

Business owners commonly spend up to 5 hours a week involved in managing workplace conflict.  Expert mediation professionally tackles the conflict whilst leaving you to manage the business.

Mediation is a voluntary informal process that provides people at work to discuss difficult issues with an independent person.  This type of intervention can reduce the need for expensive grievance procedures and ultimately an employee leaving with the implied recruiting costs.

transforms working practises


The Benefits

  1. Provides a safe environment to resolve disputes

  2. Can save costs related to  grievance procedures, such as rerecruiting and legal

  3. Transformational and future thinking

  4. Empowering employees to own their outcome thus proving more effective

  5. Gets things back on track quickly